Two weeks after surgery

I started this post two weeks after my surgery, but never finished it. Finally got around to finishing this post! 😀

I had an appointment with my bariatric doctor two weeks after the surgery – my first time driving since the surgery. I actually did fine. I would have prefered if it was cooler as it was since it was late May in Texas. But at least it was overcast – so the sun was hidden and that helped. My bariatric doctor looked at my incisions. I told him that the scab fell off on two of them so I used band-aids to keep them clean.
He told me that the band-aids were keeping them too moist and to take the band-aids off so that I could form new scabs. He was right – one day after taking the band-aids off, scabs were forming. Now one month after my surgery, my incisions are still healing, but the three smallest ones are completely healed. I still have three more to heal.

dizzy emote
I also told them I had been dizzy since the surgery. They took my blood pressure and it was 88/54 – that is why I was so dizzy all the time. Blood pressure is supposed to be 120/80. I was told to stop taking my blood pressure medication. My blood pressure was too low and I didn’t need the medication for now – just keep checking my blood pressure daily to make sure it doesn’t get too high or low. After not taking my blood pressure for three weeks now, it is at 126/64. That is a good reading.

I had to go to my main doctor for a bladder infection recently. She took my blood pressure and it was 130/84. It was 144/90 when I first walked in. I was hot from being in my car and outside. That drives up my blood pressure. Just waiting 15 minutes in the air conditioning and it went down to that 130/84 reading. I told my doctor that I usually had been getting around 120/70 at home (124/64 was my last reading). She confirmed what my bariatric doctor had told me. Stay off the blood pressure medication and monitor my blood pressure daily. She said I just might be done with having to take blood pressure medication. HappyChild_view from abovesm
My next appointment is in August, so we will do blood work then and see if I still need my cholesterol medication. My cholesterol levels were really good last blood work (which was before my surgery) so my doctor said that I probably won’t need any medication for my cholesterol at that point.

Splashing water from glass
First three days my diet consisted of nothing but clear liquids. Talk about giving you diarrhea! Sorry if this is TMI. So I have had water, clear broth (beef and chicken), Jello (it melts in your mouth to liquid) and a few other items that were listed in my diet book from the nutritionist. I was so glad to get past that stage! Only so many times you can drink the same clear liquids over and over. So for the next two weeks, I moved to all liquids (adding opaque liquids). That includes soup with no chunks in it – such as tomato soup, split pea soup and yogurt (smooth with no fruit). Once I visited my bariatric doctor at the two week mark, he looked over my tests and said I was good to move onto the third stage in the bariatric post-surgery diet – soft foods. I could finally have food with some substance to it!

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